Why do doctors recommend not eating a lot of bananas?

Bananas are super healthy fruits, but anything beyond them is bad for your health. Knowing the consequences of eating bananas too much will help your body avoid unwanted illnesses.

Banana is a familiar fruit for every home, it can make a lot of healthy foods such as cereals, smoothies, pies … Not just creating a healthy meal, bananas are also a versatile fruits, bring many health benefits such as providing energy, reducing bloating, protecting the heart, preventing kidney stones, reducing indigestion …

According to Parmeet Kaur, senior nutritionist at Narayana Healthy – a chain of general hospitals, heart centers based in Bengaluru, India: “Eating too much of anything is not good. The same goes for bananas, which can lead to health problems such as weight gain, increased blood sugar levels, sometimes causing headaches, drowsiness, and tooth decay. leading to inflammation and allergies, making breathing difficult “.

Although bananas are good for health, if you eat a lot, it also causes some unwanted problems. If you consume too many bananas, it can reverse all the benefits it initially has. If you’re a banana lover, you need to consider some of the side effects of overeating or overeating.

Why do doctors recommend not eating a lot of bananas?

Why should not eat a lot of bananas?

1. Constipation

Note that unripe bananas cause constipation because they contain too much starch, making it difficult for the body to digest. Bananas also contain high amounts of pectin fiber that can draw water from the intestines, causing constipation due to dehydration.

2. Unbalanced nutrients

When bananas become the main meal throughout the day, the stomach will have less space for other healthy foods.

According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the body should only load 2 cups of fruit a day, equivalent to 1 large banana. This allows the stomach to contain more vegetables, cereals, proteins …

3. Causing digestive problems

Bananas contain a lot of fiber, consuming too much will cause bloating.

Moderate amounts of fiber are good for the digestive system, but consuming too much can cause cramps or bloating. In fact, excessive fiber can interfere with the absorption of other minerals like calcium and iron.

Why do doctors recommend not eating a lot of bananas?

4. Weight gain

Bananas are a high calorie food. If you consider bananas as a snack, eating 2 bananas is equivalent to consuming more than 300 calories. Therefore, it is better not to eat any other fruits of the day if you already eat 2 bananas.

5. Drowsiness

Bananas contain tryptophan, an amino acid that helps to regulate sleep better. But the carbohydrates in bananas are thought to prevent amino acids from entering the brain, which can lead to increased production of serotonin, another sleep-inducing agent.

6. Tooth decay

Bananas are a fruit that is high in sugar, even if it’s naturally sugar, it can have some harmful effects on dental health. One of the most common problems of eating too much sugar is tooth decay. When eating too many bananas, the acid increases causing tooth erosion and dental health.

Why do doctors recommend not eating a lot of bananas?

7. Causing fat deficiency

Bananas are fat-free, so they are a good fruit for weight loss. However, the body needs some amount of fat in the diet, which is essential for brain development and good health. Therefore, you need to make sure to combine bananas with other healthy fat foods to keep your body balanced.

In short, you need to make sure not to eat more than 2 bananas a day, if you are on a diet, you should consult a nutritionist.

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