What foods have been shown to eat more and more to cause weight gain?

Here are the foods that stimulate the appetite more so the more women eat the more they feel hungry, if you are in the process of losing weight, you should not eat them.

Weight gain, obesity is a lifetime obsession of women. They not only make your body heavy, aging quickly, but also cause a disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, even cancer …

We have to admit that losing weight is not an easy process, many women have tried so hard but still can not achieve their desired body shape. According to bodybuilding experts, in the process of losing weight, the exercise regime decides only 30% and 70% depends entirely on how you eat and drink.

In fact, there are many dishes that women always believe it is really healthy, can support weight loss, but absolutely not so. Eatthis has compiled a list of foods that make you feel even more hungry, thus hindering the weight loss process, making your body age.

What foods have been shown to eat more and more to cause weight gain?

These foods cause rapid weight gain

1. Cheese

Cheese or dairy products have always appealed to us all, not only because they are delicious but also because our bodies have been “programmed” from a young age.

According to nutritionist Julieanna Hever: “People from childhood have been programmed to have an ‘addictive’ reaction to the protein in milk, which is why infants always enjoy breast milk.”

According to Julieanna Hever, cheese is a concentrated form of milk and they have the same effect. In cheese, there are protein compounds called casomorphin, combined with high amount of fat and salt to make the delicious taste of cheese, the more you eat, the more you desire to enjoy it more.

2. Yogurt

“Yogurt is constantly being advertised as a superfood for health, but it can make you feel hungry quickly,” says Kayleen, a nutritionist at the Gourmet Natural Research Institute (a cooking school. health support in New York City) said.

7 foods that have been proven to eat will cause hunger, cause weight gain and destroy beauty very quickly – Photo 3.
An average of 170g of fruit yogurt contains 150 calories, 6g of protein, 1.5g of fat and about 25g of sugar. The carbohydrate content in yogurt is high while the fat content is very low, which will make you more likely to look for food.

According to nutritionist Kayleen, to reduce cravings, we should choose pure Greek yogurt because they contain twice the protein, should add fruit, nuts to have more fiber and anti-substances oxidize.

What foods have been shown to eat more and more to cause weight gain?

3. Egg white

Many dieters have abandoned chicken egg yolk, instead they only eat egg whites to lose weight, but this is why they feel hungry right after breakfast.

Although egg whites are a good source of protein, according to a 2010 meta-analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, chicken egg yolks are full of saturated fat, vitamins and minerals. necessary, needs…

According to nutritionist Kayleen, the saturated fat found in chicken egg yolks not only increases feelings of fullness but is also needed for hormone production and absorption by the body. In addition, egg yolks also contain vitamin A necessary for the skin and immune system, vitamin B to support brain and muscle health … Therefore, although dieting, you should still eat egg yolks If not, you’ll be short of food and quickly feel hungry.

4. Fatty salad dressing

Salad is an indispensable familiar food on the weight loss menu, accompanied by it is always a fat-free salad sauce. However, according to nutritionist Lisa Hayim: “These fat-free salads are always mixed with salt and sugar to give them flavor. After eating a salad, salt and sugar make you feel. not satisfied and even craving more “.

What foods have been shown to eat more and more to cause weight gain?

5. Tomato sauce

According to nutritionist Lisa Hayim: “Tomato sauce or any high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) ingredient will make your cravings increase and disrupt the process. metabolism of the body and slow down the production of leptin (helps us feel full) “.

6. Gum

“Many dieters try to chew gum to reduce cravings, but this is really an inefficient action,” nutrition expert Lisa Hayim warned.

Why is that? According to Hayim, chewing can deceive your body that the food is preparing to be added, which increases gastric juice. When no food is introduced, the stomach continues to contract in an empty state and can cause stomach pain. It also stimulates cravings and makes you feel more hungry than ever.

What foods have been shown to eat more and more to cause weight gain?

7. Fast food

According to nutritionist Rebecca Lewis: Foods processed at high temperatures like fast food are always filled with things like preservatives, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and salt.

Meanwhile, preservatives and trans fats can disrupt communication from the body to the brain, causing the brain to lose the ability to recognize that the body is full and accidentally eat more than it needs. I need.

Not only that, when processed at high temperatures, fast food can not only cause cancer but also accelerate the aging process of tissue cells in the body. It is easy to cause overweight and obesity. Excessive adipose tissue can affect metabolism and hormonal processes, impair tissue damage and function, and accelerate the body’s aging process.

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