The best ingredients to make salad to help you lose weight

Salad is a popular food for vegetarians because they believe it will help with their weight loss plan. But in fact, salads can be full of fat and calories.

You should make sure that the salad dressing is really healthy if you are aiming to lose weight. This article will tell you the best and worst salads on your weight loss journey. These ingredients are full of nutrients, low in fat and calories and will also boost your taste buds.

Whether you’re making your own salad at home or eating at a restaurant, here’s a list of the best and worst salads for weight loss:

The best salad ingredients to promote your weight loss plan

Bell pepper

The best ingredients to make salad to help you lose weight

Peppers are foods that help boost your metabolism thanks to a substance called dihydrocapsiate. Bell peppers are also high in vitamin C, which fights cortisol, the stress hormone that causes the accumulation of belly fat.


Lettuce is mainly used to make salads. However, in addition to lettuce, there are many vegetables to choose from. You can also add spinach, mustard greens, beets, iceberg lettuce and cabbage leaves. These vegetables are not only delicious and crunchy, but also provide you with the necessary nutrients, which helps in weight loss.


The best ingredients to make salad to help you lose weight

Eggs are very nutritious, helping to lose weight, so adding it to salads is a great suggestion. Egg whites satisfy your hunger and egg yolks are a good, nutritious source of fat called choline. Choline works by inhibiting leptin – the hunger hormone that causes cravings even after a meal.

Colorful vegetables

Adding a variety of colorful vegetables to your salad is a smart idea because they contain lots of phytochemicals. For example, you can include red vegetables like tomatoes, beets and red peppers; green vegetables like artichokes, peas, broccoli and cucumber; orange vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes; Blue or purple vegetables like purple cabbage and eggplant and white, brown ingredients like mushrooms, and parsley on your salad.


The best ingredients to make salad to help you lose weight

Berries are filled with polyphenols, a natural antioxidant found in strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries that can reduce fat cell formation by 73%. Berries are also rich in fiber which means it will keep your stomach full, preventing unwanted cravings.

Healthy fats

Get rid of unhealthy fats like bacon or beef strips from your salad, and replace them with healthy fats like avocado, nuts and seeds, olives and olive oil. Eating healthy fats reduces your appetite and allows you to eat fewer calories, thereby helping to lose weight.


The best ingredients to make salad to help you lose weight

Beans will make you lose more weight thanks to their high fiber content. Not only cooling, helping to lose weight, eating beans regularly also helps to beautify your skin, help the skin smooth, maintain your youth. That is why many Japanese and Korean women eat beans every day.

The worst ingredients that turn your salad into an unhealthy dish

Smoked pork

Is bacon the indispensable food in your salad? If so, exclude it because it is full of calories and fat. 100 g of fried bacon contains 110 mg of cholesterol. It also contains 1717 mg of sodium that people with high blood pressure should avoid.

Fresh cream

The best ingredients to make salad to help you lose weight

This type of salad dressing really ruins your weight loss plan. Fresh cream is full of high saturated fat, sugar, sodium and calories. Avoid adding cheese to this dish, too. Instead, you can add healthy dressings to your salad.

Crispy bread

Crispy breads are unhealthy as they are fried, creating extra saturated fat and unnecessary calories. Crispy bread made from white bread contains less fiber and protein, so it should be avoided when you want to lose weight.

Processed meat

The best ingredients to make salad to help you lose weight

Processed meats like sausages are not the best things to add to your salad. Because they are high in calories and fat, they will make you gain weight fast. Eat lean chicken instead

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