The best experiences to try as soon as you come to Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is always one of the attractive places that most tourists choose to stop by when coming to Canada. This is one of the cities that converges many different customs and languages, and is also home to beautiful landscapes with poetic beaches and spectacular mountains

To fully enjoy the best of this beautiful city, do not miss the opportunity to experience the interesting things below.

Top must-try experiences in Vancouver

Stand-up Paddling

The best experiences to try as soon as you come to Vancouver, Canada

If you’re looking to explore Vancouver’s waterfront destinations in a whole new way, then joining a stand-up paddle boarding game will probably be the perfect option. Stand-up paddle boarding will help you both discover the beautiful nature and be able to exercise. So, if you have the opportunity to visit this city, do not forget to rent yourself a stand-up paddle set to enjoy, relax in the calm water, admire the beautiful natural scenery on the Granville Island. Granville Island is suitable for stand-up paddle boarding almost every time of the year because the weather here is stable, with plenty of cool breeze and fresh air.

Join the game at Grouse Mountain

The best experiences to try as soon as you come to Vancouver, Canada

Grouse Mountain is considered one of the great tourist destinations for adventure enthusiasts, who want to participate in speedy activities and experience hiking. In the winter, visitors to Grouse Mountain will enjoy many fun activities such as ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, climbing, or hiking and cycling expedition. The roads to Grouse Mountain have all the levels for you to choose, promising to make your experience more enjoyable in the journey to conquer the mountain.

Besides, if you want to save energy and relax, you can also ride the sleds through the terrain or travel through the winding slopes to enjoy the refreshment. Standing at the height of 1100m of Grouse Mountain, you will be caught in the panoramic view of all the most breathtaking landscapes of the mountains. The best time to enjoy the beautiful scenery is in the afternoon when the sunset gradually covers the area, making the landscape here so magical and unbelievably fascinating.

Experience a 4D flight

The best experiences to try as soon as you come to Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is also known as the entertainment paradise with countless events, activities, and leading electronic entertainment technology. FlyOver is the place that will bring you a completely lifelike flight experience with 4D simulation using modern technology. This program will give visitors the opportunity to experience a 4D journey – a virtual helicopter will fly you to all the famous sights of CANADA.

Joining FlyOver, your feet will be dangling in front of the screen on an 8-minute journey across Canada, promising to bring you many unique exciting emotions. FlyOver’s special effects will include wind, fog and scent, combined with the movement of the trip, to give you an unforgettable experience.

Walk on Capilano suspension bridge in British Columbia

The best experiences to try as soon as you come to Vancouver, Canada

Visitors to Vancouver will not be able to miss a walk on the unique Capilano suspension bridge which spans the river at a height of 70 m and a length of 140m. This bridge is also known as the Laughing Bridge because of the laughter-like sounds created when the wind blows through the canyon. Capilano attracts the most visitors at Christmas time, when thousands of light bulbs will be lit to make the bridge look like a shimmering star strip in the middle of the night. These days, the park will be open until 9 PM to welcome visitors and give them the feeling of floating on the sparkling bridge in midair.

What makes the attraction here is not only beautiful scenery but also the unique design. For those who are afraid of heights, they will not dare to walk on the bridge even though the bridge is very wide and the sides are covered with high mesh and sturdy cable trays. The bridge is always swaying and to the middle of the bridge, the vibration will be higher, along with strong winds. Some visitors also deliberately shook the cable to make the bridge swing like a hammock, which will surely be a new feeling for visitors when passing through here.

Explore the universe at MacMillan Space Center

The best experiences to try as soon as you come to Vancouver, Canada

For those who are passionate about discovering the mysteries of the outer space, MacMillan Space Center is the ideal destination for you when you visit Vancouver. Built in 1968, MacMillan Space Center is a gift from timber tycoon HR MacMillan to the citizens of Vancouver. This place provides visitors with magical knowledge of the universe, new discoveries about the space outside the earth. Coming to Gordon MacMillan Suotham Observatory, visitors can easily see strange and shimmering cosmic objects such as galaxies, stars or moons… with telescopes and other tools.

Walk to the legendary Rocky Mountains

The best experiences to try as soon as you come to Vancouver, Canada

If you love the mountain scenery, you will satisfy your thirst for discovery when coming to the Rocky Mountains. It is considered one of the most challenging mountains for climbers and is also a beautiful landscape not to be missed. The Rocky Mountains bring you to a surreal beauty of endless, pristine green forests contrasting with the pristine white of the peaks and the blue of the lakes…

In addition, there are white snow peaks reflected on the surface of the turquoise lakes, combined with the herds of deer, big gray bears or mountain goat sheep leisurely strolling around, creating a beautiful natural scenery..

Discover Vancouver Aquarium

The best experiences to try as soon as you come to Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Aquarium is located right in the city center, possessing an area of nearly 9000 square meters. This is one of the largest aquariums in Canada. In addition to being Vancouver’s main tourist attraction, this aquarium is also a research, conservation and rescue center for marine animals. Visitors here can enjoy watching thousands of marine animals through large underwater windows or from the elevated observation deck with different viewing angles.

Besides, visitors can learn and explore the giant species of Amazon fish, small clown fish, catfish eel, or other ferocious sharks. You will also be immersed in a multi-sensory journey into the world of marine animals through the 4D experience of the aquarium. This will be a memorable experience for those who come to Vancouver.

Visit the old town of Gastown

The best experiences to try as soon as you come to Vancouver, Canada

Gastown is famous as one of the oldest neighborhoods in Vancouver. It attracts visitors because it still retains the typical architecture of the 19th century with ancient paving slabs and old houses with fresh flowered patios, giving Gastown a classic beauty in a completely natural way.

Especially, the most prominent thing here is the old Gastown Steam Clock, causing many travelers to stop by to listen to its sound, which is just like a traditional steam locomotive’s sound. Stray here, you can take a walk around Gastown, breathe the fresh air at night, enjoy simple but popular foods, and discover unique shops and buy interesting items as gifts.

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