Discover the peaceful summer paradises in Hokkaido, Japan

The colorful, colorful flower gardens stretching to the horizon or the beautiful blue lakes in the picture will surely be an unforgettable image when you arrive in Hokkaido Japan in the summer.

Unlike winter, which is a paradise for activities such as skiing and climbing, summer is peaceful and gentle in Hokkaido, Japan. This place captivates tourists from all around the world by its serene natural scenery.

The best places to enjoy summer in Hokkaido, Japan

Japan often has mysterious legends for its landmarks. And the lakes in Hokkaido also have their own stories. When visiting Hokkaido, Japan in the summer, you will get the chance to listen to these stories.

Lake Aoike

One of the lakes visited by many tourists is Aoike Lake. The name of the lake comes from its clear blue water. Aoike Lake was formed in 1988 after the Tokachidake volcano erupted. The people of Biei town built a dam to stop the mud from overflowing and the blocked water flowed back into the forest and formed this beautiful lake.

Discover the peaceful summer paradises in Hokkaido, Japan

The lake’s photos are often used as desktop wallpapers. If you travel to Hokkaido in the summer, you must definitely visit this place.

Lake Akan

Lake Akan is one of the three lakes in the famous Akan National Park. Legend has it that in the past there was a couple who fell in love but couldn’t come together. Together they committed suicide at this Akan lake and turned into algae in the lake.

Discover the peaceful summer paradises in Hokkaido, Japan

Algae constantly proliferate to help water in Akan lake more green. They are also considered a plant that brings good luck to the people of Hokkaido. On March 29 every year, people here will hold the Marimo festival to honor and spread the protection of algae in danger of extinction.

Lake Mashu

According to ancient Hokkaido locals, it is said that Lake Mashu is the lake of God. If someone looks into the lake when it is sunny, there is no fog, they will encounter bad luck. Or he will not be able to get married until he is old, fail in his career, etc. Although everyone knows it is just a rumor, it still creates an interesting for Mashu Lake.

Discover the peaceful summer paradises in Hokkaido, Japan

Mashu Lake has a beautiful natural landscape with close mountains covered with greenery and flowers. The lake is wide and the blue water creates a peaceful and relaxing setting.

Lake Kussharo

Lake Kussharo is also one of three lakes in Akan National Park. Like the two lakes above, this place possesses beautiful natural landscape with lush lawns, clear blue water.

Discover the peaceful summer paradises in Hokkaido, Japan

You can take a hot bath at Sunaya and sit and listen to the story of Kusshie sea monster living on the lake. The Ainu people believe that it lives within the lake and wanders around their land. Having a hot bath while listening to this story is really an interesting experience.

Beautiful flower fiels

Apart from the lakes, when visiting Hokkaido in the summer, you will definitely be overwhelmed by the vast colorful flower gardens. The most famous flower field that can be mentioned is Higashimokoto Shibazakura park.

Discover the peaceful summer paradises in Hokkaido, Japan

When the cherry blossoms fall to the end of spring, it is also the time when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom in the summer. United genus he owns gentle beauty and sweet with pink, white, purple. The flower garden in Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park is over 10 hectares wide and is considered the largest garden of genus in Japan. The best time to watch flowers is in May and June.

Discover the peaceful summer paradises in Hokkaido, Japan

In addition to the cherry blossoms, you can also admire the Asahikawa lavender fields in Funero. This field existed more than 60, 70 years ago. Due to the decrease in flower prices, people decided to plant flowers for tourism. The dreamy purple flower fields are really a perfect place for you to travel to Hokkaido Japan.

Discover the peaceful summer paradises in Hokkaido, Japan

Planted since 1976, by the Hokuryu Agricultural Cooperative, Himawari-no-sato sunflower garden has been voted as one of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world. It owns more than 1.5 million sunflowers with 30 different species creating a truly overwhelming scenery.

Also, when you come to Hokkaido you should spend time cycling on the roads in the town. You will discover many more beautiful places such as barley fields, beautiful forests or a peaceful small cafe.

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