Why is the weather hot but the limbs are always cold?

Not only is the common phenomenon when it is winter, freezing limbs when sitting is also a sign of dangerous diseases, especially cardiovascular.

The legs and arms are the two parts that usually have quite low temperatures. Therefore, they are easy to get cold in the winter and can be overcome by wearing warm. This is a quite normal phenomenon and not worrying, because women often suffer.

Cold hands and feet often occur in the winter, but if the weather is still warm and still cold, be careful of illness.

However, in some cases, your feet and hands are always cold regardless of whether the weather is hot or moderate, especially when you are just sitting a little cold. According to Hong Yuzhong, director of the Lian’an Health Management Center, cold hands and feet are closely related to cardiovascular disease. More importantly, it is the first symptom of some of the following problems.

Why is the weather hot but the limbs are always cold?

Why cold limbs when the weather is hot?

1. The body’s metabolism rate weakens

Hong said that the hands and feet of women are often cold because they have less muscle mass, so the metabolic rate is also lower than men. In addition, every day when the “red light” comes, women suffer from severe anemia. All these reasons indirectly affect the health of the hands and feet, making them often icy cold for no apparent reason.

2. Autonomic nerve disorders

Injury to an autonomic nerve causes the body to lose its ability to regulate body temperature, which in turn causes cold and limbs regardless of the weather.

This is a nerve damage that controls the function of the body, causing many problems in blood pressure, digestion, bladder function … Autonomic nerves including the sympathetic nerve, which functions Controls the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels, thereby helping to regulate body temperature. If disturbed, this function also loses and makes hands and feet cold continuously.

Why is the weather hot but the limbs are always cold?

3. Poor cardiovascular function

According to Wu Xinjie – family medicine doctor at Renai Hospital in Taipei (China), cold hands and feet are also a signal that you are suffering from heart disease and diabetes. Specifically, at this time the heart’s blood vessels are blocked so it will cause poor blood circulation, leading to a series of problems such as chest tightness, palpitations, shortness of breath … If more severe, it also affects hearing. and sight.

According to him, if detected early, these problems can be completely cured, because this is not a rare condition at any age. When you have cold hands and feet for a long time, you should go to the hospital to do some tests on blood pressure, blood lipid, blood sugar, echocardiography, carotid artery ultrasound, ECG measurement … to diagnose results be more accurate.

The simple way to keep your limbs and body warm

Nutritionist Xu Jingyi, who is currently working at Lian’an Center, said that eliminating the factors of disease, you can improve limb coldness with small tricks, namely 4 things. after:

Eat foods that increase your body’s metabolism, like peppers, onions and turmeric.

– Choose foods high in iron to improve anemia such as dark green vegetables, broccoli, seaweed, red amaranth, duck meat, beef, grapes, black dates, black sesame, red beans …

– Eat foods rich in vitamin C to help the body absorb iron more efficiently: Broccoli, green pepper, guava, kiwi, citrus fruits.

– Avoid drinking tea or coffee with meals, it is best to drink only after 2 hours because the tannic acid in tea has the ability to inhibit iron.

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