What kind of drink you should stay away from when waking up?

Drinking a glass of water after waking up is extremely necessary and healthy. But if you drink the following types of water, it is very counterproductive, even harmful to the body.

Until now, many people still have the good habit of drinking a glass of warm water in the morning, after waking up to purify the body. At the same time, doctors often recommend that we should drink a glass of warm water in the morning when waking up to be good for health.

But this is only good when you drink a glass of warm water moderate water. If you drink something emotional or told by others, it can be very harmful. Especially you must absolutely avoid the following types of water because they not only have no effect on detoxification, but also cause harm to the body, or poisoning.

What kind of drink you should stay away from when waking up?

Types of water should not drink when waking up

Honey water

Honey is good for health. Many people think that drinking honey water early in the morning will help relieve constipation, but drinking on an empty stomach is not appropriate.

Specialist said: “In honey contains large amounts of fructose and glucose cause blood sugar to rise, making the body do not feel hungry, affecting breakfast absorption.”


Many people like to drink a glass of cold water in the morning, especially in the summer, but this is harmful to health because when waking up, cold water or ice water will constrict the blood vessels of the stomach lining thick, affecting the digestive system, can cause diarrhea.

If you drink ice with sweet drinks, drinking on an empty stomach can easily lead to a stomach ache. On the other hand, when ice enters the throat, it will cause blockages of blood vessels, sudden spasms, decrease in fluids, create conditions for bacteria to grow and cause disease, leading to sore throat, hoarse voice, easy produce colds and coughs, even laryngitis and bronchitis.

What kind of drink you should stay away from when waking up?

Especially if women in menstruation period if drinking ice water after waking up can also cause menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea. Prolonged uterine damage can also cause infertility. In men, drinking ice too cold will affect the development of sperm, causing rhinitis, sore throat, larynx, bronchi, tonsils, cold …

Fruit juice

After waking up if drinking the first juice will not be able to provide the amount of water that the body needs, otherwise it will increase the feeling of heaviness for the intestine, not good for health. Eating cold foods early in the morning stimulates the stomach, affecting digestion and absorption.

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Water boiled for a long time

In water boiled for a long time, organic matter containing nitrogen will constantly be broken down into nitrite. Especially for water that is too long to avoid infection, at this time the rate of decomposition of organic matter containing nitrogen will be faster and nitrite salts will form more. After drinking this water, nitrite salts mix with hemoglobin, which affects the oxygen transport function of the blood.

What kind of drink you should stay away from when waking up?

Types of bottled water

Nutrition experts recommend that: early in the morning right after waking up, you should not use industrially produced drinks such as fruit flavored drinks, soft drinks, ready-made coffee, cow’s milk, etc.

The reason is because these drinks often contain soda or gas as well as citric acid, so in the process of metabolism will speed up the excretion of calcium at the time of low blood calcium levels.

If you take it daily for a long time will lead to serious calcium deficiency causing osteoporosis and other disorders. On the other hand, these types of fluids not only replenish water but also cause your body to become dehydrated, causing water and electrolyte disorders.

Synthetic juices, milk, and coffee should not be used as the first drink of the day, as these substances do not work to provide the body with the necessary moisture at the right time. Especially when the body is dehydrated it will be difficult to absorb well the substances, causing stomach damage, harmful to health.

Tea for overnight

The media reported that if the tea is left for too long, the amino acids and micro-carbohydrates in the tea will form bacterial nourishment, not only that, the nutritional content of the polyphenols and vitamins in the tea will also occur. Oxidation when left for too long leads to reduced antioxidant components, losing the nutritional value of tea. Therefore, after waking up, do not drink tea made from the previous day.

What kind of drink you should stay away from when waking up?

Carbonated water

Carbonated water, in addition to not being able to provide the amount of water that the body needs in the morning, also accelerates the rate of calcium excretion during metabolism and makes the body more eager, it is best not to drink water. this early in the morning.

Thin brine

Research by physiologists suggests that when people sleep without drinking water, then breathe, sweat, as well as during urinary activity, these physiological activities will dehydrate.

When you wake up in the morning, your blood is in a solid state, and if you drink salt water, it will increase dehydration, making your mouth drier. Moreover, the morning is the time when the blood pressure is high, drinking salt water will cause the blood pressure to be higher, harmful to health.

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