How to clean your window properly: Cleaning tips for your house

Cleaning your windows regularly is necessary to remove dust and dirt on them. It is not difficult if you use the right tools.

To do it effectively, you only need to follow the helpful tips below when cleaning your windows.

How to clean your window properly

Window Cleaning Tools

How to clean your window properly: Cleaning tips for your house

To make the window shine, you need to have the following equipment:

A big bucket

Glass wiper – (available at sanitary ware stores)

Window detergent – You should use a special type of window cleaner or a suitable safety agent for this job. Because if you use the wrong type of detergent, it can leave traces of dirt on the windows, while using the right one will dehumidify mold on windows and prevent mold on the wall.

Cleaning brush – A specialized tool for window scrubbing with a large sponge attached to the tip. Of course, regular sponge is fine, but if you have to clean a lot of windows, you should buy a dedicated cleaning brush to do the job, which will be a lot easier for you!

Many rags to dry the windows when you’re done cleaning.

Steps To Clean The Windows

How to clean your window properly: Cleaning tips for your house

First, clear the window area.

Start cleaning the inside of the windows, because normally it is always dirtier outside.

Remember to spread towels or old clothes on the floor around the windows to absorb water and avoid slipping.

Pour some detergent into a bucket of warm water according to the instructions on the product label. The washing liquid should have lots of soap bubbles.

Dip a cleaning sponge into the bucket.

Scrub the glass thoroughly from top to bottom. Remember not to miss the corners.

Use the glass wiper to reach all corners of the window. Hold the glass wiper firmly, clean the windows horizontally, from side to side. After each trail, use a dry cloth to blot the glass to remove dirt and water.

Wipe out excess water and soap.

Do the same with the outside of the window.

Ensuring safety when cleaning your windows

For windows that are high, it’s better to call a professional to clean them.

How to clean your window properly: Cleaning tips for your house

If you want to clean the windows yourself, check to see if the ladder you’re going to climb is strong and ask someone to hold the ladder as you climb!

If you have to clean high windows, you can consider using a belt and hook the tools to it.

Always remember not to clean the window under direct sunlight, as the sun will dry out the water very quickly so it will leave nasty stains.

Clean your windows regularly to keep them clean and shiny all year round. The great thing is that with these tips you can completely do it yourself easily – it’s simple but effective and not costly at all.

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