How to choose underwear properly to avoid dangerous diseases

Underwear is always in contact with the most sensitive part of the body, so wearing underwear improperly may cause serious illnesses.

Studies have shown that, in an average underwear, contain 0.1 grams of stool, including tens of thousands or even millions bacteria, most commonly E. coli, Salmonella … If the human body suffers from certain diseases, there may be hepatitis A virus, rotavirus… on dirty underwear.

In addition, the secretions on underwear are mostly protein, if not cleaned promptly, they can easily reproduce bacteria. The smell of dirty underwear is also particularly easy to attract flies and mosquitoes, causing secondary pollution.

The right way to choose your underwear

Wearing your undergarments improperly can cause many diseases

If bacteria on your underwear manages to get into the body, they will affect your health, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.

How to choose underwear properly to avoid dangerous diseases

For women, it may cause the following problems:

– Your vagina may have an abnormal odor: Due to the weather, sweat and body fluids accumulate on the underwear, if not promptly cleaned, they easily causes an unpleasant odor in the lower body, even cause disease.

– Skin diseases: Dirty things on underwear easily produce bacteria, making women more susceptible to skin diseases such as vulvar rashes, vulvar folliculitis, and discomfort. Studies have found that more than 15% of women get vaginal rashes because of unsanitary underwear every year.

– Gynecological diseases: Inadequate use or cleaning of underwear, which can easily lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections, causing serious gynecological diseases.

How to choose underwear properly to avoid dangerous diseases

For men, it may cause the following problems:

– Decreased fertility: A doctor from Cairo Medical University in Egypt found in his research that underwear made from different materials will cause men to have testicle temperature and hormone levels. in plasma varies significantly. Among them, pure polyester (chemical fiber) underwear will increase the temperature of the testes and reduce plasma hormone levels, thereby inhibiting men’s sperm production, reducing fertility. and affect sexual function.

– Causing male diseases: Men who wear underwear too tight will cause the testes to stay close to the body, causing an increase in temperature, which reduces testicular function. In addition, wearing too tight underwear can cause the “private area” to become clogged to become wet, which is also the cause of itching, allergies or fungus in the “private area”.

How to wear your underwear properly

For women:

– Not too tight: The most important thing in choosing underwear is not too tight, breathable and comfortable. Too tight underwear will often rub against the vulva, anus and urethra, making it easy for germs to penetrate the vagina or urethra, causing infection of the urinary system or reproduction.

– Appropriate material: Cotton in general is a good choice. It is capable of absorbing water, breathable, and relatively comfortable. Also, modal underwear is more effective. The rate of water absorption and release is 1.5 times higher than that of cotton underwear, but the price is a bit more expensive and people with sensitive skin may be allergic.

How to choose underwear properly to avoid dangerous diseases

– Best color is white: Why say white is the best option? This is to identify vaginal discharge – an important criterion for judging women’s vaginal health. Dark or patterned underwear will affect the judgment, so white is the best color.

– Older people should choose high waistband underwear: For older women, it is best to choose underwear with high waistband on the navel, to help keep warm.

For men:

– Pick healthy materials: The material of underwear will not only affect the temperature of the testes and sperm count, but may also increase friction, causing redness or itching. Therefore, men’s underwear should best choose cotton underwear that has good water repellency, ventilation and high comfort.

– Pick the right size: Underwear so tight can make the testicles feel pain, and it will increase friction between the legs and affect your walking posture. The most suitable underwear size should not be tight, when wearing comfortable.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you should buy new underwear after 3 to 6 months. If the underwear becomes deformed, stiff or yellowed, it should be replaced promptly.

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