Discover the most magnificent caves in America

Coming to the United States, you not only can admire the modern beauty of skyscrapers, but you can also discover the overwhelming beauty of the majestic caves.

Join Break to explore the most beautiful caves in America through the article below.

Discover the most magnificent caves in America

Mendenhall Ice Cave

Discover the most magnificent caves in America

The Mendenhall Ice Cave is part of the Mendenhall Valley located in the southeast region of the state of Alaska. Thanks to the unique crystal structure of the ice and the reflection of light, the ice caves here bring a mysterious green color that everyone aspires to behold. The most interesting thing about discovering ice caves is that they always change size, shape, and color from time to time. Therefore, visitors can admire many different fascinating beauties every time they come here.

One noteworthy point is that the Earth’s temperature is gradually increasing, the huge ice sheets in the cave also tend to melt gradually, causing the phenomenon of ice falling. Therefore, when exploring this ice cave, you need to be accompanied by a travel specialist to ensure your safety.

Greenland Ice Cave

Discover the most magnificent caves in America

Another masterpiece created by snow and ice is the ice cave system in Greenland. Greenland has more than 81% of its area covered by ice. Therefore, the most visible sight in this island is the glaciers, ice and ice cave.

When the winter comes, rows of ice sheets will be connected together to form unique but equally mysterious ice caves. However, the caves here are formed by snow and ice, not from ice like other places, so they only exist in the winter. Therefore, you need to go to the US at the right time to fully admire that beauty.

Howe Caverns

Discover the most magnificent caves in America

The Howe Caverns has 15 floors and has a pool of water about a quarter mile wide underground. This cave was discovered by Lester Howe in 1842 and today has become one of the most interesting sights for all visitors.

To explore this cave, you will have to walk and travel by boat for about 90 minutes. Not only can you see the mysterious beauty of unique tectonic features in the cave, you can also participate in the lantern tour to recreate the light in this cave. If you are interested in learning about caves formed by nature’s thousands of years of geological activity, Howe Canverns is a great choice for you.

Carlsbad Caverns

Discover the most magnificent caves in America

The Carlsbad Caverns is located in southern New Mexico state on the Guadalupe mountain range. The Carlsbad Caverns consists of an empty cave, a cave of rock and another cave where thousands of bats live, as well as a series of other caves. The maximum height of the cave is about 107m with an area of up to 1.219x190m, creating an overwhelming depth and width, which makes visitors shocked by the majestic spectacle of nature.

The caves here are made up of natural limestone and have many sizes, large and small. The Carlsbad Caverns has 7 large caves and over 300 limestone caves. Therefore, you will be able to easily see stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes in any cave in the Carlsbad Caverns.

The caves here are not only attractive by their mysterious beauty but also get the attention of many people by their “scary” names such as ‘crow cave’, ‘spider cave’, ‘lair of the white giant’…

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