7 hard-to-give-up bad habits women often do when eating at a restaurant

Eating at a restaurant is an opportunity to cheer up with friends and family and enjoy good food, but the following mistakes can make you gain weight.

Every woman wants to achieve a desired weight. However, on special occasions, you still have to go out to eat and drink with family, friends and this may be the reason why you gain weight fast.

To minimize unintended weight gain as well as protect our health, women should abandon these 7 bad habits when eating at a restaurant.

7 bad habits to avoid when eating at a restaurant

1. Eat lots of free snacks

7 hard-to-give-up bad habits women often do when eating at a restaurant

While waiting for the food to be delivered, we are often provided by the restaurant with free plates of nuts, biscuits… Because of hunger, we often use snacks like this a lot. However, most light, free snacks are fried foods that are high in calories but have no nutritional value.

Not only that, we can hardly guarantee whether these free items are freshly processed food. It may have been touched by the hands of previous guests. At the end of the day, if leftover, these foods will be dumped into containers and returned to new customers the next day.

2. Regularly order sweets

Sweets like ice cream cakes, sugary foods … are often extremely attractive, but if you’re on a weight loss diet, you should give up these foods because they contain a lot of sugar, calories … causing accumulation Abdominal fat and weight gain are hard to control.

3. You often order foods soaked in sauce

Restaurant chefs tend to use butter, sugar, honey … and many different spices to make the sauce more attractive. Such dishes also make you eat too many calories into the body, the process of losing weight so far will become meaningless.

7 hard-to-give-up bad habits women often do when eating at a restaurant

4. Gather with many friends

Few people go to restaurants alone. However, studies have shown that eating with others can make you gain weight faster.

That study, conducted by Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA, found that eating with many other people could make us 33% more calories consuming than eating alone. The reason is because when we go out to eat with friends, our relatives tend to order more food and extend the time to eat.

5. Use alcohol and soft drinks

In a report found in the Journal of the Institute for Nutrition and Dietetics, drinking alcohol can cause people to increase 384 calories a day.

In addition, a study in the Journal of the American Geriatric Association found that subjects who drank two or more soft drinks a day for 10 years found their waist increased five times faster. for those who have no habit of using fresh water.

6. Order baked, fried foods

7 hard-to-give-up bad habits women often do when eating at a restaurant

Famous Canadian chef Michael Smith told MSN Lifestyle that baked and fried foods should not be ordered in restaurants because baked or fried foods are never as fresh as steamed or re-cooked foods. In addition, chefs often use spicy, cooked on high heat to hide the true quality of the ingredients.

In particular, if women regularly eat a lot of baked foods, they will face many health problems, including an increased risk of cancer.

7. Order lots of bread

7 hard-to-give-up bad habits women often do when eating at a restaurant

Bread is a favorite food of many women, especially when eating with dishes that have delicious sauces. However, this is a dish that chefs never use.

Food Network’s chefs said that the bread we ate at the restaurant was most likely a leftover bread from the previous guest. We cannot be sure whether the bread we are eating has been sniffed by someone’s hand or if we have been spit on.

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