7 Reasons experts recommend people not to eat a lot of fried food

Many people love to eat fried foods such as fried chicken wings, chips, fried spring rolls, … But not many people pay attention to the terrible harm of this eating hobby.

During the frying process, the food creates chemically active free radicals, thereby destroying the essential fatty acids in the food. When people eat this fried food, it destroys the body’s protective nutrients, causing blood transaminase levels to rise. This transaminase change is similar to damage to liver cells, which human liver cells suffer during inflammation, necrosis and poisoning.

Therefore, experts in the professional medical television program “Doctors in the US” said that the changes in enzymes in the human body due to fried foods are similar to hepatitis. This disease will eventually lead to liver failure. Nowadays, many people like to eat fried foods. Whether it’s meat, vegetables or main food, just undergoing the frying process has become a delicious, hard-to-resist dish. However, the casualties caused by regular eating of fried foods are not small, hurting the body no less.

7 Reasons experts recommend people not to eat a lot of fried food

Why should not eat a lot of fried food?

1. Eat fried food once a week – Prostate cancer increased by 40%

Men who eat fried food once a week are prone to prostate cancer. In particular, the likelihood of developing invasive prostate cancer will increase by nearly 40%. This is the result of a study published in ProstateCancerInsight magazine of the charity for prostate cancer patients. Researchers believe that when the cooking oil of fried foods is heated at high temperatures, it produces carcinogenic compounds (such as acetaldehyde and acrolein) that can easily invade the prostate gland first. Therefore, men should avoid sheep.

2. The risk of heart disease is 56% higher

A US study found that people who ate fried foods regularly for 6 years had a 56% higher risk of heart disease than those who ate healthy foods. This is because a small amount of trans fatty acids are produced during frying, and it is very harmful to heart health. Fat on meat after oxidation and polymerization can also damage blood vessels, the liver and the digestive tract.

7 Reasons experts recommend people not to eat a lot of fried food

3. The risk of diabetes has nearly doubled

Daily Mail – The British newspaper reports that some studies show that women who eat fried foods every day have nearly doubled their chances of developing gestational diabetes. Researchers at Harvard University in the United States also said that the toxic chemicals in fried foods can affect the body’s blood sugar control.

4. Can lead to stroke

Fried food is one of the “culprits” causing stroke. Because the content of trans fatty acids in these foods is particularly high, it not only causes obesity but also leads to abnormal lipid metabolism, which ultimately leads to arteriosclerosis and cerebral vessel blockage. Prolonged intake of high-fat foods, plus little exercise, will cause endocrine dysfunction and too much garbage in the blood vessels that can cause a stroke.

7 Reasons experts recommend people not to eat a lot of fried food

5. Increased risk of stomach cancer and intestinal cancer

During frying, the fat continues to be heated and various chemical reactions such as hydrolysis, oxidation, polymerization, activation and pyrolysis will occur, resulting in a large number of oxygen polymerization products. chemical fat. Among them, the most famous is “benzopyrene”, which has a strong ability to cause cancer on contact and increases the risk of gastrointestinal cancers such as stomach and intestinal cancers.

6. Increase aging fast

The frying process produces large amounts of toxic substances and aging substances in foods, including “advanced glycation end products” (AGES) that can promote aging. In raw foods, the content of these substances is negligible, but they will increase rapidly after frying.

7 Reasons experts recommend people not to eat a lot of fried food

7. Causes of obesity and metabolic abnormalities

The fat content of fried foods is particularly high. Deep frying will turn low-fat potatoes and vegetables into high-fat and high-calorie foods, with 20% or even 30% more fat, thus promoting weight gain. A gram of fat is 9 kilocalories, the amount of exercise and other foods does not change, every day eating 10g of fat, that is, 1 year eating 3650g, will add 3.5kg of fat to the body.

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