Which is the most beautiful season to travel Russia?

Russia has long been one of the most ideal and popular tourist destinations in the world. There are so many great things waiting for you in this unique land – from the landscapes, cuisine, traditional festivals to the people.

For a memorable trip, choosing a good time to come to Russia is extremely important. In this article, let’s Break help you find out the best season to visit Russia.

Learn about the climate of Russia

Which is the most beautiful season to travel Russia?

You need to learn about the climate of a country first because it will decide and affect the choice of your flight time.
Russia is the largest country in the world. Its huge area more or less affects the climate. And this also complicates your quest to find the best time to visit Russia.

Russia’s territory spans two continents, Europe and Asia. In particular, the European part is of the center of Eastern Europe, and the Asian part is of the mountains of Eastern Siberia and the Central Siberian plateau.

Which is the most beautiful season to travel Russia?

Because of its vast territory, Russia’s climate is diverse. Most of the country has a temperate climate, while the northern region has a polar climate, and the coastal region has a subtropical climate.

The most beautiful season to travel to Russia

In Russia, there are two main seasons: summer and winter, evenly distributed throughout Russia. The spring and autumn here are the two shortest seasons of the year.

Which is the most beautiful season to travel Russia?

July is the warmest month, as the sky is high and clear. So, you can choose the summer time, from May to October, to book a flight to Russia.

Summer from May to October

This is a great time to come to Russia. The best season to travel Russia is summer.

It is the time when dandelions bloom bright yellow instead of green roadside grass, bringing an extremely romantic feeling.

May – June is the time of the flowering seasons in Russia. It is the season of apple blossoms, pear flowers and purple siren, contributing to the natural beauty of Russia.

Which is the most beautiful season to travel Russia?

In addition, June is the time you can participate in major festivals in Russia, including the special White night festival. The “White Night

Festival” is a special phenomenon, when you will be able to witness Russia without sleep, without darkness, as the sun shines throughout the day.

July and August in Russia will have a warmer climate, so you can book cheap flights to Russia at this time. At this time, you can sit and contemplate the birches that shade the roadside.

September are October is truly a top beautiful Russian tourist season for you. At this time in Russia the trees will turn red. The birches now have a beautiful yellow color. It is great if you take a stroll under the falling yellow leaves. This is a great time for you to take selfies and have unforgettable moments with your partner.

The season of festivals and the beginning of a new year

Did you know that the end of August is when there is one of the most wonderful festivals which attracts the most tourists to Russia? It is the ‘Spas’. The best time for Russian tourism depends not only on the weather but also on the festivals and culture.

In the series of Russian festivals called Spas, there are many big events. For example, the Honey Spas takes place on August 14. Next is the Apple Spas. And then, finally, the Nut Spas.

Apart from August, November is also a great time to be in Russia. You can come to Russia to see snow, extremely beautiful white snow in November. However, the temperature is then below minus 15 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you need to pay attention to bring really warm outfits.

February and March is also a time you can consider. At this time, there are festivals with extremely bustling and vibrant space. Colorful festivals are also held regularly at this time for visitors to explore the Russian culture.

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