What to eat to strengthen your body against COVID-19?

What to eat to strengthen the immune system against COVID-19 is the concern of many people in the face of a worldwide crisis.

Yes, it is a difficult question to answer, mainly because the immune system is not something we can easily measure. It has a complex system with many different components. Therefore, up to this point, what specific foods / drinks you need to consume to prevent and cure

COVID-19 is not something satisfactorily determined.

In fact, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a diet that provides enough essential nutrients, controlling your weight and blood sugar. It appears that people with type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases are at higher risk for COVID-19, and tend to have more complications.

What to eat to strengthen your body against COVID-19?

Sp, supplementing with vitamins, minerals or foods considered to have immune system boosting properties may help protect you from COVID-19:

Vitamin C

What to eat to strengthen your body against COVID-19?

For decades, Vitamin C has been used to help prevent common colds, maintain healthy skin, and provide a barrier against germs and other harmful agents. Some studies also show that Vitamin C may improve the function of some white blood cells that fight infections.

While it’s unclear whether vitamin C supplementation will prevent COVID-19, for most people, there is no harm in taking up to 2,000 mg of this vitamin per day. Especially smokers and those at high risk are advised to eat vitamin C.

However, at very high doses, Vitamin C can cause diarrhea or increase the risk of kidney stones (especially in men), so do not take more than 2,000mg per day.

Vitamin D

What to eat to strengthen your body against COVID-19?

In recent years, people have taken high doses of Vitamin D for the purpose of boosting their immunity system. A 2017 review of 25 randomized experiments found that vitamin D supplementation was effective in preventing respiratory infections in most people, especially those with vitamin D deficiency.

If your Vitamin D level is low, you need to get 2,000 IU daily (or more, as directed by your doctor). Many people are deficient in vitamin D.

Therefore, it is probably advisable to take Vitamin D supplements right now, especially if you are at risk for COVID-19.

You can help the body make its own Vitamin D by exposing your body to the sun for 15 minutes a day, preferably in the morning.


What to eat to strengthen your body against COVID-19?

Zinc is a mineral involved in the response of white blood cells to infections. Therefore, people who are deficient in zinc are susceptible to colds, flu and other viruses. A meta-analysis found that zinc supplementation resulted in an average reduction of 33% in the duration of common cold.

Taking zinc supplements may be a good strategy for the elderly and those at high risk of COVID-19 infection. However, you should only take <40mg per day.


What to eat to strengthen your body against COVID-19?

Turmeric contains a bright yellow compound called curcumin, which is thought to boost your immune function. However, there is no conclusive evidence that curcumin helps fight viral infections.

However, adding turmeric to food will enhance the flavor and the addition of curcumin does not cause any harm in healthy people. If you have any disease, especially if you are on blood thinners, consult your doctor before taking curcumin.


What to eat to strengthen your body against COVID-19?

A 2014 randomized controlled experiment found that people who eat garlic were less likely to catch colds and recover faster than those who did not eat garlic. Right now, try garlic for its passionate taste and unmistakable aroma, instead of relying on it to boost your immunity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Starch and sugar

What to eat to strengthen your body against COVID-19?

Evidence shows that high blood sugar levels can increase the risk of COVID-19 infection and its complications. Studies show that a low-carb, moderate-protein, low-fat diet effectively lowers blood sugar, reducing the risk of infection and may even reverse type 2 diabetes.

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