What food causes insomnia and reduced resistance?

Hustling life makes many people easily fall into insomnia. In such situations, we often don’t think that eating habits can exacerbate insomnia.

Insomnia or trouble sleeping make you feel tired, tired after waking up. This condition can be repeated often due to overload, stress or lifestyle habits, but most likely due to the food you eat before bed!

Here is a list of 9 foods that cause insomnia and health.

What food causes insomnia and reduced resistance?

Which foods cause insomnia and reduce resistance?

1. Beverages containing caffeine

Beverages like tea, coffee or cola are considered stimulants and make our bodies and minds unable to rest. When you drink these drinks before bedtime, the caffeine in them gets into the bloodstream and stimulates your nervous system to function more alert.

Therefore, you should not use them before bed. Use only during the day and when you need to be most alert.

What food causes insomnia and reduced resistance?

2. Spicy food

Foods prepared with many spicy spices like chili, pepper, mustard … when you use at night before going to bed will make your sleep disturbed, causing serious insomnia.

When you eat too much spicy will lead to indigestion in the evening because of the spicy food makes your stomach speak. People with acid reflux disease, or heartburn, should avoid spicy foods at night if they want to have a good night’s sleep and not get worse.

What food causes insomnia and reduced resistance?

3. Fermented foods

Foods like cheese, yogurt, colander, soy sauce, etc. contain amino acids tyramine that stimulate the brain, cause excitement and will make you wake up in the middle of the night, unstable sleep. , flickering or maybe not sleeping at all.

So before going to bed and not hungry, do not use these fermented foods if you do not want to sleep or sleep all night. You can drink a glass of warm milk to reduce hunger and make it easier to sleep.

What food causes insomnia and reduced resistance?

4. Processed meat

Some processed meats like hot dogs, bacon, canned meat contain tyrosine – substances that increase brain activity at night, so you will not be able to adjust to muscle. Can enter sleep is comfortable and easy.

In addition, processed meat is not good for your stomach as well as your health. Therefore, to ensure a good sleep and a healthy body, you should limit the use of processed meats.

What food causes insomnia and reduced resistance?

5. Sweet food

Pastries, chocolates and candies can significantly increase your blood sugar. And because sugar is so high, the body must be actively working to metabolize it and the brain must also work continuously. At that time, your whole body will not rest and you cannot go to sleep easily.

If you have a craving for sweet, don’t eat sugary foods before bed to avoid further insomnia.

What food causes insomnia and reduced resistance?

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6. Foods with high protein content

High protein foods like meat will take a long time to digest, so eating a lot of high protein foods can disrupt your sleep.

At the same time, these foods often produce lots of amino acids. Once the amount of amino acids increases, they will quickly produce dopamine – a neurotransmitter and this substance makes the brain to work continuously causing insomnia. Therefore, you should not eat these foods close to bedtime.

What food causes insomnia and reduced resistance?

7. Greasy foods

Just like high-protein foods, greasy foods if eaten near bedtime mean that you have to work harder on your stomach, intestines, pancreas and liver to metabolize fat. is included. But these agencies need to rest after a long day of activity.

This also causes the nerves to be constantly active and lead to insomnia.

It’s best not to eat greasy foods before bed!

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