Top 5 unique book towns for people who love reading

Peaceful book towns associated with book streets, bookstores or book festivals always attract visitors who like to read and have an enjoyable experience.

These peaceful book towns are famous for their reading culture, book stores or libraries that contain a wealth of knowledge that will surely satisfy anyone who loves books. If you are passionate about traveling with reading culture, you can not ignore the 5 world-famous book towns below.

Top 5 world-famous book towns for book lovers

Hay-on-Wye, Wales

Hay-on-Wye is known as a peaceful small town on the border between England and Wales famous for beautiful scenery, green spaces. Since World War II, Hay-on-Wye is slowly being abandoned as people move to other cities, causing the town’s economy to plummet. However, things changed thanks to the book town movement initiated by Richard Booth in 1960.

Top 5 unique book towns for people who love reading

He planned to open second-hand bookstores full of famous works. Ancient bookstores designed with thousands of books from various fields quickly attracted people from regional towns to visit and buy books.

Since then, people have begun to realize the economic and tourism potentials of forming a book town. They have started returning and opening new book stores here. Over time, Hay-on-Wye became a famous town for books, antiques, souvenirs, especially old books of high value. The town is also the origin of the Hay Literature Festival, which attracts hundreds of thousands of literary authors. publishers and book readers alike visit literary exhibitions and shopping.

Top 5 unique book towns for people who love reading

A special feature of the town is that each bookstore is like a separate world, decorated with colors ranging from romantic, cozy to bizarre. Sometimes, you will also enter a surreal world of a bookstore. In addition, the town also has many craft shops selling unique souvenirs of traditional England and Wales for tourists.

When visiting the town, you can also explore the art galleries, Brecon Beacons National Park. You can also hire bicycles to stroll around the town to enjoy the beautiful scenery, peaceful.

Lilleputthammer, Norway

Lilleputthammer is a small town in the Storgata region of Lillehammer city, Norway. The town is famous for bookstores dedicated to young people, especially children. Lilleputthammer was built as a small-sized miniature park for children since 1930. Each shop and street is decorated similarly to the city of Lillehammer, creating a unique and impressing customer. travel. Therefore, Lilleputthammer always attracts a large number of families bringing children to join and experience a miniature town for children.

Top 5 unique book towns for people who love reading

At Lilleputthammer there are more than 15,000 books with many different areas for children. Even more impressive, these books are categorized and divided into different houses for each age group for children. In each store, books are divided into different categories such as fairy tales, the animal world, nature, life, environmental protection, … Children can freely read books in each store. or right on the walkway of the town.

Top 5 unique book towns for people who love reading

At Lilleputthammer provide a full range of services for tourists such as 40 bookstores, souvenir shops. The town also has two hotels, a sweet cafe, a police station and a movie theater. As a result, families traveling here can easily find play areas for children, resorts and relaxation for parents.

Saint-Pierre-de-Clages, Netherlands

St. Pierre de Clages is known as the only book town in Switzerland built from the middle ages located on the outskirts of Chamoson, southern Switzerland. The town is famous for its bookstore, book library containing ancient books of high value. On arrival Pierre de Clages, you will easily find books placed in many places on the road when walking around town. Book stores are always open to welcome visitors and book lovers.

Top 5 unique book towns for people who love reading

Do not miss the Book Festival, held in August each year by the association “Fête du livre” that provides suggestions for the overall development of the town. The festival attracted more than 100 book publishers, authors and more than 20,000 people to attend. At the book festival, there are many different forms of dread for visitors from literature, history, science, … to the attractive comic books.

Top 5 unique book towns for people who love reading

Besides the impressive bookstores, the town of Saint-Pierre-de-Clages also attracts tourists by its beautiful scenery with sharp medieval architecture. You can walk around the village to see the buildings, castles built from 1700 to 1800. Also do not miss the Roman church built in the 11th century, the cellar to learn more about Medieval European culture.

Bellprat, Catalonia, Spain

The small village of Bellprat is in the beautiful countryside of Anoia of Catalonia, just 90km from Barcelona. Bellprat is famous for being a small town that still retains its architecture and culture since the middle ages. The book village is also known as the first book town in Catalonia. People here are enthusiastic about opening book stores. They always welcome book-loving tourists and visitors.

Top 5 unique book towns for people who love reading

On the occasion of the Bellprat festival, the houses will be converted into second-hand bookstores to provide more types of books to serve tourists visiting. In particular, the money from books sold on this occasion will be donated to the food bank to support the homeless and low-income families here.

Top 5 unique book towns for people who love reading

One of the tourist destinations not to be missed is the Cal Pinyota hotel. This is one of the most famous hotels in Bellprat. The hotel is bold European medieval architecture with bookshelves arranged according to each separate theme. Here you can find books about detective novels, historical novels, travel books.

The Bellprat book town operates on a community-based, self-service basis with over 20,000 titles. Visitors can both tour the locations as well as find yourself good books here.

Torup, Denmark

Like many other ancient book towns in Europe, Torup also has architectural style buildings from the Middle Ages. On the other hand, a part of the new town is built on an ecological model for tourism development.

Top 5 unique book towns for people who love reading

In 2006, Peter Plant became president of the town and decided to develop Torup to become a book town combining tourism to welcome visitors. In the summer, the town hosts a return ceremony with the participation of thousands of writers and publishers with a large number of books, rich in genres. Each year, the town welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists to visit and resort.

The highlight of the Torup book town is the book wagons located right across the road to cater to all readers. The books are arranged in separate categories placed on roofed wagons. You can stop by the road to read any book you love.

Top 5 unique book towns for people who love reading

In addition, the town also started to build small bookstores, unique designs that were requisitioned from abandoned houses, huts, in front of the church… Every year, the town also opened talks. to share and share with writers and readers.

You will definitely have a good time to visit and experience this beautiful small town. You can also combine exploring the town, learning about the history and culture of the Torup people.

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