Is lowering blood pressure dangerous to health?

There are some non-small people who often suffer from low blood pressure. That is not counting patients who have sudden lower blood pressure and have to go to emergency.

There are some non-small people who often have low blood pressure. That is not counting patients who have sudden lower blood pressure and have to go to emergency. So is low blood pressure dangerous?
Blood pressure is the pressure of blood flow in the artery system. It is through the movement of this blood stream that the body’s cells receive oxygen and nutrients to maintain the activity of life. Blood pressure is maintained by the contraction pressure of the heart muscle, also known as cardiac output, blood volume in the body, and the elasticity of the artery walls. When one of these factors is disturbed, a person may have high blood pressure or hypotension

The average blood pressure of each person ranges from 110 – 120mmHg for maximum blood pressure and from 70 – 80mmHg with minimum blood pressure. When the maximum blood pressure is below 100mmHg and the minimum blood pressure is less than 60mmHg, some patients experience some hypotension.

Is lowering blood pressure dangerous to health?

What is low blood pressure?

There are two conditions of hypotension

Acute hypotension is more common in emergency patients because of trauma that causes significant blood loss, dehydration, heart failure or other medical conditions. These patients must be admitted to the emergency room and depending on the cause of the hypotension, the physician prescribes appropriate treatment: intravenous fluids, blood transfusions, vasopressors or cardiac aids …

Chronic hypotension

The disease usually appears in these people when the blood pressure is often lower than 100mmHg for maximum blood pressure. The patient may or may not have any discomfort. Many people just happen to happen by chance during regular checkups or have their blood pressure measured when they go to check for another non-cardiovascular disease.

Is lowering blood pressure dangerous to health?

Is lowering blood pressure dangerous to health?

Patients with acute hypotension are very dangerous and need to be admitted to the hospital for treatment in intensive care. Fluid and blood transfusions as well as blood replacement solutions are the first treatment for most patients.

And chronic hypotension is almost nothing too dangerous. Some even think that people with low blood pressure live longer than people with normal blood pressure. And in fact in daily hospital practice, we as many other physicians have the same opinion.

People who really suffer from chronic low blood pressure often complain to people and to their physicians that they are often sleepy, tired, dizzy, dizzy or sometimes fainting. Especially when changing positions suddenly. These symptoms occur due to reduced blood flow in the brain, heart, liver and other organs in the body.

Is lowering blood pressure dangerous to health?

Chronic hypotension often occurs in people who are overworked, stressed, endocrine disorders, malnutrition, diabetes or peripheral neuropathy … Therefore, if hypotension chronic and prolonged discomfort, even in an emergency hospital should go to see the cardiologist and endocrinologist to find out the cause and have a thorough treatment.

How to prevent low blood pressure?

Most importantly, do not allow acute illnesses that cause fluid loss such as diarrhea and vomiting. Do not drink too much alcohol, have a reasonable diet, do not overdo it, especially in some cases of fasting to lose weight in some young women Avoid excessive posture changes especially during the session morning when waking up.

Limit alcohol consumption and use of other stimulants that damage the nervous system.

Avoid stress, psychological balance, with some people with idiopathic low blood pressure can practice nourishment, Yoga properly is beneficial for health and the circulatory system. Have a reasonable diet, full of nutrients and age-appropriate.

Don’t get too hungry, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Good treatment for chronic diseases that you have acquired such as diabetes, liver failure, chronic bronchitis … Should periodic health examinations for people over 40 with 2 times a year to correct the disorders in The body can lead to unexpectedly low blood pressure.

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