How to wash and clean your leather jackets properly at home

Leather jackets are always one of the most fashionable options you cannot ignore. However, leather is a delicate material that needs to be handled with care – leather goods are often expensive and easily damaged if stored poorly. Our ways of washing leather clothes below will certainly make you satisfied when you have a clean, shiny jacket.

Leather jackets are popular apparel made from leather or artificial leather. Leather is usually dyed black, brown and even a few other colors. Leather jackets have been in history, associated with many cultures and classes in society, from fashion bikers of big-bike enthusiasts, to western cowboys of America or stars of subculture – known as outstanding creative artists willing to go against the trend.

How to wash and clean your leather jackets properly at home

Most modern leather jackets today are manufactured in Pakistan, India, Canada, Mixico and the United States, with materials from animal skin in the food industry. Artificial leather such as polyurethane or PVC is often used to replace genuine leather for the needs of fashion lovers, who opposes animal abuse for human fashion. Moreover, the use of artificial leather jacket also brings economic benefits when their prices are often much cheaper than real leather.

In the early 19th century, brown leather jackets were often used by pilots and members of the army. During World War II, they were gradually known as bomber jackets and popular among people for their excellent heat retention. Leather jackets were popular among the Bolsheviks revolutionary organization in Russia and nearby, becoming a uniform among people’s commissioners during the civil war in Russia.

Steps to wash your leather jacket

Read the instructions on how to wash the product on its label

How to wash and clean your leather jackets properly at home

Products with special materials such as leather, fur, silk… are often attached with washing instructions including water temperature, detergent type… Before starting to clean your jacket, reading the label will help you understand the requirements and make sure your clothes are washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wipe off the stains on the jacket

How to wash and clean your leather jackets properly at home

Use a damp cloth and wipe gently to remove stains, such as dust, dirt, glue, candle wax or food-borne stains. You can use a small amount of chicken egg white when cleaning to help remove stains and brighten the jacket’s surface, but remember to do everything gently – avoid rubbing too hard as it can cause the leather to be scratched or tarnished.

Wash your leather jacket with warm water and soap

How to wash and clean your leather jackets properly at home

Soak the jacket in warm water to remove all the stains. Then, use a brush soaked in soap water to gently brush on the stains and wipe off with warm water, and then put your jacket in the shade – avoid direct sunlight because the high heat from the sun can ruin the leather. Some people prefer to use a clothes dryer, as this is a quick and simple way to quickly dry clothes. But using a dryer can ruin the leather, too – if you have time, letting clothes dry naturally is always the best option.

Wash your leather jacket with a washing machine

How to wash and clean your leather jackets properly at home

For stubborn stains such as oil stains, ink stains or gum sticks, laundry detergent will be the first choice to help you blow away stains, while removing unpleasant odors from the jacket. Remember to choose appropriate detergent. You should turn the leather side of the jacket to the inside before washing. Adjust the washing machine to cold water and set the washing time as short as possible.

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