How to design a mini garden for a small home

Who says a small house can’t have a nice mini garden? Whether you live in a modest townhouse or a small apartment. There are also solutions to bring some green into your living space.

Break will reveal to you some of the best ways to design a mini garden for small houses right in the following article.

Great way to design a mini garden for small houses

Mini hanging garden

If your house does not have a balcony or the balcony is too small, you can make a mini hanging garden. This mini garden has many variations:

Use hanging pots (sold at stores). Or plastic water bottles (cut in half, with a wire to hang it) to grow plants.

How to design a mini garden for a small home

Then use a wire stretching across the balcony and hang the pots up.

The types of plants suitable to grow in this mini garden include: devil’s ivy, fern, melon, orchid, periwinkle…

If you do this, make sure that the rig hangs deep into the wall to prevent the pots from falling.

Buy wall pots or plastic bottles (cut in half) … and put on the balcony wall. For this type of hanging, in addition to the plants mentioned above, you can take advantage of growing some green vegetables such as lettuce, basil …

Mini balcony garden

How to design a mini garden for a small home

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious balcony and enough sunshine, there’s no worry. Create one balcony garden now! In addition to pre-made plastic pots and porcelain pots, you can use styrofoam box to grow plants. You can arrange pots / bins neatly under the floor.

With this idea, you should take advantage of the balcony space to grow clean vegetables at home. Morning glory, okra, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, basil … are very easy to grow vegetables and plants.

Take advantage of the corner

How to design a mini garden for a small home

Let’s get out of the balcony area. This 3rd garden type is applicable to every house. You just need to put a few pots of plants in the corner of the house to have a mini garden.

If the combination of plants still does not satisfy the love for nature in you, then a mini rockery is a good idea. Small rockery models with mountains, green plants and small streams will make your house full of life.

In addition, making a DIY rockery is not too difficult. You can find more information online to create it on your own.

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