How to clean your mattress at home like a professional

Regular mattress cleaning will maintain the mattress’s health for many years and will ensure that all family members are not at risk of allergies. Therefore, knowing how to clean mattresses at home is a prerequisite for housewives nowadays.

You can completely clean the mattress at home with basic cleaning equipment and materials. The following article will provide you some experiences on cleaning mattress at home.

How to clean your mattress at home like a professional

Causes of dirt and odors on the mattress

How to clean your mattress at home like a professional

Cushions are an indispensable furniture in the house. Because each person spends 1/3 of his / her life sleeping, keeping a clean mattress plays an important role in giving us the most comfortable and relaxing life. If you want to preserve, clean your mattress properly, you need to identify the causes of the dirty, unpleasant odors on the mattresses. They are:

Dirt from the human body, air and dust accumulated in the cushion.

Hair and dead skin cells, sweat on the mattress.

Food, drink or cigarette stains on your mattress.

Vomiting, urine or dirt from your baby.

Hair, dirt, urine from your pet.

Why do you need to clean mattress at home regularly?

How to clean your mattress at home like a professional

A mattress that stays dirty for too long is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow, causing an unpleasant odor and seriously affecting the health of your family members. Therefore, regular cleaning of the mattress will completely remove the dirt deep in the mattress, disrupt the bacterial proliferation, bringing aesthetic beauty to the room and eliminating dangerous allergens. Besides, ticks, dust mites, bed bugs… hiding in the mattress will be removed if we wash the mattress regularly. Thus, the health of all family members is fully protected.
Simple way to wash your mattress at home

You need to prepare: water, baking soda, vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, masks, water containers, mattress cleaning chemicals.

Remove dirt on the mattress: Sprinkle baking soda powder on the mattress, wait about 30 minutes for baking soda to disperse the odor, dirt in the mattress. Then, you can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up dirt and baking soda powder on the mattress surface. If the vacuum cleaner cannot completely clean it, you can turn the surface down and use a stick to hit the mattress, removing the dirt left.

How to clean your mattress at home like a professional

Clean with detergent chemicals: with stains on the mattress, you can mix specialized cleaning chemicals into a basin, then dip towels in this solution and clean the mattress.

Dry the mattress: after washing, you should expose the mattress to the sun or in a well-ventilated place to dry the mattress completely and then put it back into the right position.

However, this is just a suggestion for small families with 1-2 beds. For a hotel, showroom with a large number of beds. Hygiene experts encourage homeowners to use a carpet-cleaning machine in combination with carpet blowing fans to ensure quick mattress cleaning efficiency and maximum labor savings.

How to help the mattress stay durable, clean and beautiful

Turn over or rotate the mattress periodically: for the mattress regardless of the top and the bottom, after 3-6 months, you should flip it upside down. This helps the mattress surface sink more evenly

How to clean your mattress at home like a professional

Mattress protection: to help the mattress less dirty, damaged, you can put the mattress into a blanket-like wrap and then zip it. This will help prevent the mattress from getting exposed to water, dust, or bed bugs, while making the mattress easier to clean later.

Change your sheets often, keeping the bedroom always clean so you do not need to wash the mattress too many times.

Always keep the mattress in a dry and airy condition, if the mattress is wet, it should be dried immediately to avoid the mold.

Have a vacuum cleaning schedule to ensure the mattress is always clean and durable. If possible, dry your family’s mattress in the sun every few months to prevent mold and bad odors.

Regularly open the bedroom window to get more fresh air and sunlight to the mattress, preventing microorganisms from growing.
Hopefully, with the simple steps above, you can keep your family’s mattress clean, durable and beautiful.

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