Experience the world’s leading luxury life in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a famous city in the list of tourist destinations in the western United States. It is known worldwide for its lavish lifestyle, celebrities and the tens of millions of fun activities

If you have ever been to America, Las Vegas is a city you should visit once. Let’s experience the luxurious life and explore this city.

Experience the world’s leading luxury life in Las Vegas

Las Vegas and the world’s best casinos

One thing Las Vegas doesn’t lack is the entertainment spots – most famous are the casinos. The city is home to the largest casinos in the world. Diversity of games, professional service style is what attract customers here.

In the casinos, you will be instructed by the staff if you want to gamble. If the game needs direct interaction, they will quickly get into position. Not cold but not too welcoming, this service style makes the players happy.

Experience the worlds leading luxury life in Las Vegas

The city has many world famous casios. MGM Grand Casino, Bellagio, The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, The Wynn… are the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, USA.

All the casinos in this city are in a complex form. Besides entertainment, they also serve food and room. Food and accommodations (mid-class) are quite cheap due to the revenue from the casino.

Experience the worlds leading luxury life in Las Vegas

Luxury rooms for the upper class cost up to tens of thousands of dollars / night. They are often designed similar to villas, with full rooms, entertainment rooms, bars, interview rooms, …

Each of the city’s casino and resort complex has a unique architectural identity. You will encounter familiar images such as the Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, Roman palace… in the casinos. So. Let’s buy a cheap flight to Las Vegas to have an impressive experience in the most luxurious city in the world.

Visit the Mob Museum to hear stories about the establishment of Las Vegas

Experience the worlds leading luxury life in Las Vegas

After enjoying the “upper class” life, take the time to explore the Mob museum. Everyone knows Las Vegas as the most luxurious entertainment center in the world. However, not everyone knows that this city is built by Mafia bosses.

To learn about the history of this city, you should go to the Mob museum. The museum is located next to Fremont Street, displaying many documents about the lives of notorious criminals such as Whitey Bulger, John Gotti, Al Capone…

The first-generation slot machines, Mafia and FBI gadgets are on display at Mob. The life of the underworld, the world-famous Mafia bosses is somewhat revealed in this museum.

This is also where you know about the development of Las Vegas. Few know that the most luxurious city in the world was once a desert town. Who has influenced and created the Las Vegas today? You will find the answer at Mob.

Get impressed by the musical performance of the Bellagio Fountain Show

Experience the worlds leading luxury life in Las Vegas

Come back to the present, immerse yourself in a unique musical performance at Bellagio. This is a casino and resort complex. The fountain at Bellagio is capable of spraying water as high as 460 feet.

Water show combined with light and music will bring an impressive performance for any visitor. You will be astounded by the splendid beauty of the performances here.

Take a stroll to see the city

Experience the worlds leading luxury life in Las Vegas

Leaving aside the sumptuous life of the elite and the “glorious” past, Las Vegas also has places that still keep the simple beauty. You can catch a bus to view the city or take a stroll to feel the life of the city. A very different Las Vegas, busy, bustling but not too luxurious will appear right before your eyes.

After all, nature lovers can visit the Grand Canyon for a day. Discovering this area will be an impressive experience no less than the fun at the casinos. You will suddenly realize that the power of Mother Nature is endless.

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