Does wearing face masks regularly make you have more acne?

Acne occur when your skin is infected. Bacteria when having a favorable environment will multiply and grow, combing with dirt and sebum which build up, clogging pores, creating long lasting acne.

That’s why dermatologists recommend that you never squeeze or touch the pimples and wear a mask when you go out.

Does wearing mask cause acne?

Does wearing face masks regularly make you have more acne?

Face mask is an indispensable accessory every time you go out – they help prevent smoke and bacteria from harming the body, and help protect your skin effectively. However, many people wear masks solely for the purpose of fashion. When finish using it, they may leave it with their helmet, gloves or in the trunk and use it again the next day. Sometimes they wash it because they do not think that it’s dirty. The fact that you wear a mask that is not regularly cleaned will make your skin become more prone to acne.

Dirty masks

Using dirty masks will cause acne on the skin. In particular, when you use a fabric mask many time, it is easy to make acne appear. Bacteria cannot be seen by the naked eye, so you may be careless and only wash your mask once in a while. This is the habit of many people making your skin have acne.

Poor quality masks

Does wearing face masks regularly make you have more acne?

We know that there are countless types of medical masks and casual masks on the market. Therefore, it is easy for you to buy low-quality masks, which are also part of the cause of acne on the face.

Wear face masks with makeup can cause acne

It is entirely possible that using a mask for a long time will cause skin secretions and sweat which will not escape the face. They will accumulate and cause skin infection.

Does wearing face masks regularly make you have more acne?

Some people still wear makeup when wearing a mask, and this will make cosmetics stick to the mask, dragging bacteria on it to the skin, causing acne to start raging on your face.

Should people with acne-prone skin wear face masks?

In fact, wearing a mask does not prevent 100% of bacteria and dirt. Especially when you have acne-prone skin, wearing a mask is often a mistake. Your acne spots would be clogged, making bacteria more active, and more sebaceous glands would make acne grown more than before.

The best way to prevent breakouts when wearing a mask

Does wearing face masks regularly make you have more acne?

No one can deny the benefits that face masks bring to our lives, but you should buy multi-layered, anti-bacterial masks sold at pharmacies.
If you use a cloth mask, wash it daily to prevent bacteria from forming and damaging your skin.

For medical masks, change them every day to ensure that bacteria do not enter your body if you reuse them the next day.

A special note is that you should not wear a black mask because the black can absorb heat very well. Absorbing heat into the skin of will hurt the skin, thereby producing acne.

Hopefully the above article will help you relieve your concerns about whether or not you should wear a mask.

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