Discover Lord Howe – The true fairy tale’s island of Australia

Everything on Lord Howe is comfortable, except for the crazy love of the locals for the environment. But that’s also why this place is so beautiful.

The colorful fish revolves around you when you drop into the clear water. The birds chirping around in the forest. Everyone leisurely cycled along 13km of tree-lined trails. Children walk to school on bare feet. There are no billboards, room keys, bicycle locks or mobile shops. Rarely do more than two people sunbathe on one of Lord Howe’s 11 white sands. The biggest crowds are probably those gathered around some grilled fish. This is a pure paradise.

Discover Lord Howe - The true fairy tales island of Australia

Lord Howe – Another strange island

Lord Howe Island is only 11km long and 2km wide, shaped like a simple boomerang located 780km northeast of Sydney. The island embraces a turquoise lagoon surrounded by UNESCO-recognized reefs as a World Heritage Site thanks to its spectacular volcanic terrain, rare endemic fauna and indigenous plants. found elsewhere on Earth. After the trip in 1997, British natural historian Sir David Attenborough described Lord Howe Island as “an extraordinary treasure”, very few accessible islands that preserve this pristine identity.

Discover Lord Howe - The true fairy tales island of Australia

Perhaps in part because, this tourist paradise of Australia is too expensive for most visitors. Although it is only two hours flight from Sydney or Brisbane, the price is only cheaper than from Australia … Los Angeles, USA. Eating in a restaurant is very expensive. There are also only luxury guesthouses on the island, which must be booked all year long. There are no campgrounds, hostels and cruise ships.

Is Lord Howe an exclusive island of the super rich? No, the reality is the opposite. Everything on Lord Howe Island is comfortable, except for the island’s insanity for environmental protection. That’s very good, but sometimes makes visitors accidentally make mistakes due to habits from the mainland.

Lord Howe Island was originally uninhabited until its discovery in 1788. The majority of the islanders are now descended from the first European settlers in 1833.

In 1981, long before ecotourism became a “hot trend” and overloaded tourism became a “curse,” islanders were worried about environmental destruction, pollution and invasion. As a result, Lord Howe Island Council – formed with 4 locals and 3 people from the New South Wales state government – limited the number of visitors to the island: no more than 400 people at a time. To date, that rule remains.

Discover Lord Howe - The true fairy tales island of Australia

The island has strict environmental rules. Cars are limited. There is no air conditioning. The Council must seek advice before cutting even a branch or house. The guide, Clive Wilson, joked with the BBC’s correspondent: “We also teased each other that digging a home garden would require permission. People come here accusing us of crazy folks. But we just want to protect our unique and delicate environment. ”

Capella Lodge is a 9-room resort on Lord Howe Island. Like a homestay, this resort uses rainwater for drinking water and drilling for bathing and gardening. The biggest inconvenience on the island is that twice a week there are food and supplies from the mainland. But the islanders also grow vegetables and fruit trees so not too worried. They also have sea vegetables and fresh seafood.

Discover Lord Howe - The true fairy tales island of Australia

Recycling is a major part of everyday life on the island. Organic waste, mud, paper and cardboard are recycled for fertilizer. Recycled plastic, aluminum and glass are brought to shore for sale to offset shipping costs. Non-recyclable items are carefully packed and brought to landfill sites. Especially here, if you want to throw away the garbage, you will have to pay to handle it. For example, if a family wants to buy a new sofa, they may have to pay up to $ 1,200 to move the old one away.

Electricity is also an expensive thing. But the islanders already have solar systems and batteries. It is costs like these that have contributed to turning the place into one of the “greenest” places in the world.

Discover Lord Howe - The true fairy tales island of Australia

Lord Howe community center is also very simple. A theater (or you call it a cultural house), a bakery, a butcher shop, a grocery store, a post office, a few souvenir shops and other trifles and the building. Goverment. This building is also the place to broadcast all the news on the island. When a newborn is born, the pink or blue “flag” (which actually looks more like a diaper) will be hung. Profits from the sale of the bottles sold by the Island Board-run bottle shop will go back to the island to implement renovation projects. Where to go and then back there, the islanders often say that.

Lord Howe Island is small, but the landscape is diverse. There are dense rainforests. There are steep mountains. There is blue sea and white sand. So there are dozens of outdoor activities for tourists. You can surf, bike, play bowling on the grass. In the 6km long lagoon, you can rent a kayak and paddle out to Rabbit Island and have a small picnic there.

Discover Lord Howe - The true fairy tales island of Australia

Those who enjoy the underwater life can rent diving equipment and “interact” with the tropical creatures from the warm Great Barrier current mixed with the cool Lord Howe water. That combination brings a rich and unusual collection of creatures and corals that are difficult to see elsewhere, such as temperate tuna, salmon, tropical angelfish and 86 hard corals. If you want to feed the fish, cycle to Ned’s Beach.

Mount Gover south of the island is a destination for tireless feet. It also has a “twin brother” is Mount Lidgbird. On the island are 170 species of birds without any predators. Interestingly, when the tour guide tells you to scream, an amazing scene will occur: the birds that are spinning on your head are suddenly “falling”, their eyes are clearly curious. flying towards humans.

Discover Lord Howe - The true fairy tales island of Australia

The more you go, the closer you feel the surreal world here. Clouds are cloudy all over the mountain. Ancient moss. The mysterious trunk. The ferns as adornment mysteriousness.

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