Discover chilling secrets of Mount Shasta at California

Mount Shasta, just south of the Cascade Range, California is a great destination for adventurous hearts. This is a dormant volcano. Shasta is over 4000m high and plays an important role in the spiritual life of indigenous people.

This place is also associated with many sacred legends and unexplained mysteries. If you have been fascinated by the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle or the Egyptian Pyramids, this mountain is the ideal destination for you.
Break will provide you some information regarding Mount Shasta below. Let’s begin the journey to explore the most sacred and mysterious mountain in the world.

Discover chilling secrets of Mount Shasta at California

How to get to Mount Shasta, California

Discover chilling secrets of Mount Shasta at California

Mount Shasta belongs to the city of the same name so please go to the city of Shasta first.

The city has a peaceful beauty. Unspoiled nature and simple wooden houses will make you forget about the noise and bustle in urban areas. Coming here, you can spend time exploring Shasta mountain and the life of indigenous people.

The name “Shasta” comes from the Karuk language, meaning White Mountain. Locals call it so because the mountain is covered in snow all year round.

Mount Shasta in the spiritual life of the local people

Discover chilling secrets of Mount Shasta at California

To the locals, Shasta is the abode of gods. The mountain is associated with the legend of the Creator of the Indians. According to their culture, the mountain peak is inhabited by gods.

Belief in the sacred power of the mountain has been handed down for generations. Today, the people at the foot of the mountain still hold ancient rituals. Shasta is considered the center of the positive energy field, the birthplace of peace and prosperity.

Discover chilling secrets of Mount Shasta at California

In 1971, a Buddhist monastery was built at Mount Shasta. The monastery quickly became a famous meditation place with many shrines.
Mount Shasta from a scientific perspective

Archaeological studies discovered traces of human life on the mountain 9,000 years ago. This mountain is also the natural residence of native tribes of ancient North America.

Discover chilling secrets of Mount Shasta at California

There are experts in nature and space science who believe that Mount Shasta is the place where cosmic energy is gathered. The legends about the portal to the fifth dimension, the descendants of the Atlantis… are also related to this place.

The unanswered mysteries of the most sacred mountain in the world

This sacred mountain would not be so noticeable without its unexplained mysteries. All the mysteries from aliens, residents of civilizations that have disappeared, missing cases… are related to Mount Shasta.

Discover chilling secrets of Mount Shasta at California

The legend of the Indians – Hopi shows the appearance of a cave system, a giant city under the mountain. Their records tell the life of reptilian humanoids in this area.

Records of UFO sightings have increased steadily in recent years. Many people believe that Mount Shasta is the point to provide energy for flying objects. The natives often refer to the appearance of very tall creatures in the town.

Discover chilling secrets of Mount Shasta at California

The wild fire that occurred in 1931 adds to the mysterious color of this mountain. Many witnesses said they saw a mysterious mist preventing the fire from spreading to the mountains. The mist formed a boundary between the fire and the mountain.
Moreover, the disappearance of people here also made Shasta more mysterious. Most of the missing people suddenly reappeared after a while and brought with them many thrilling stories about robots or “people” with strange shapes.

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