7 notes to minimize health risks when eating grilled meat

Grilled meat is a favorite dish of many people. But this is also a potentially unhealthy food that comes with many risks, especially cancer risk.

Grilling meat at high temperatures produces many burnt organic products. These are substances that are harmful to the body, possibly carcinogenic – HCA (heterocyclic amine) and PHA (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) are carcinogens created in the process of grilling meat.

But that doesn’t mean you have to boycott all kinds of grilled meat. In fact, if you do not eat grilled meat too often, there is still a way to minimize their harm to health thanks to the tips advised by experts below.

7 tips to to reduce health risks of grilled meat

Do not marinate the meat with too much spices

7 notes to minimize health risks when eating grilled meat

Marinating meat with too much spices and sauces not only makes the meat flammable, it also increases the amount of salt in the dish. So it’s best to mix your own sauce to eat with the meat after grilling. This will also reduce the production of carcinogens.

Although marinating meat with garlic, cilantro, fruits and spices rich in vitamin E such as chili powder… can reduce HCA production by about 70%, when grilled they are most flammable. So you should filter the juice and discard the residue be fore grilling the meat.

Do not grill meat at too high a temperature

Experts recommend grilling meat on charcoal only when the smoke is gone. Meat should be grilled quickly at a moderate temperature. Do not grill meat over very high temperatures.

7 notes to minimize health risks when eating grilled meat

There are many grilling equipment such as electric grill, gas, charcoal, alcohol, charcoal. In particular, grilling on burning charcoal and alcohol are two ways to cook at low temperatures, producing less toxins.

When the meat is burnt, cut off the burnt part or do not eat those burnt pieces. The grilling time should be only enough for the meat to be cooked. Remember to clean the grilling equipment.

Eat grilled meat only 1-2 times / week

To stay healthy, you should not eat grilled meat too often. It is a delicious dish but should only be used 1-2 times / week, not daily. The best recommendation is to eat only once a week with about 100g of meat every time.

People with a history of stomach pain should not eat grilled meat because it can cause dysuria.

Eat grilled meat with vegetables

7 notes to minimize health risks when eating grilled meat

Wrapping meat with green leafy vegetables can significantly reduce the toxicity of carcinogens. Fresh green or fresh vegetables like raw vegetables, tomatoes, white radishes, green peppers and fruits like apples, peaches, lemons are all foods that contain lots of vitamins C and E.

In particular, a high content of vitamin C can minimize the toxins causing cancer; And vitamin E has a very good effect against the oxidation. This diet combination can minimize the harmful effects of grilled meat.

Do not drink carbonated soft drinks when eating grilled meat

7 notes to minimize health risks when eating grilled meat

Using carbonated beverages not only makes you more likely to gain weight, but when combined with grilled meat, it can also adversely affect health. Because the caffeine in carbonated soft drinks promotes the movement of C ions after the grilled meat is resolved.

This phenomenon causes calcium depletion in the body, affecting bone cells. Maintaining this habit in the long term will lead to bone diseases.

Prefer lean meat over fatty meat

When grilling meat, you should prioritize lean meat over fatty meat because the amount of fat melting down on coal will easily create carcinogens. In addition, a study by experts at the Hawaii Cancer Institute also shows that you should marinate meat overnight with spices like garlic, onion or turmeric because of the chemical HCAs will be reduced by 50%, the risk of cancer will be significantly reduced.

7 notes to minimize health risks when eating grilled meat

Use the right cooking oil

When grilling meat, people often mix meat with some cooking oil to prevent the meat from being dry. Many common cooking oils are changed by heat such as rapeseed and soybean oil. At high temperatures, they will transform and create carcinogenic compounds.

Therefore, you should only use peanut oil to marinate meat because it is safer to grill at high temperatures.


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