4 Bad habits make your health decline rapidly

People with bad habits below will seriously affect their health. Even if not promptly changed, the life expectancy will be reduced in no small part.

Health is the premise of longevity, practicing good habits for each day is not only good for health but also can help live a long, long life. Many studies show that even if you don’t have a chronic illness, maintaining healthy living habits will help you live longer than usual.
However, some things that you often do in your daily life seem to be harmless but there are actually a lot of unexpected health risks, including the risk of premature life decline. Here are some of the wrong habits that young people need to fix right away to avoid affecting their longevity.

4 Bad habits make your health decline rapidly

Bad habits reduce life expectancy

To improve your health and extend your life, make simple lifestyle changes every day. Here are some habits you need to change!

1. Do not brush your teeth often

Teeth are not only related to aesthetics, but more importantly, it is directly related to the quality of life and human health. A survey published in the “Dental Community” magazine said that tooth loss is closely related to mortality.

The researchers in the survey found that if a person reaches the age of 70, at least 20 teeth will live longer than people with fewer than 20 teeth at age 70. The mouth is the “comfort zone” of bacteria. and this is a particularly suitable environment for the growth of bacteria.

If you do not regularly brush your teeth and dental health will significantly increase the likelihood of dental diseases, mouth, tongue and throat. Periodontal and plaque problems caused by inadequate brushing can significantly increase the risk of oral cancer and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

4 Bad habits make your health decline rapidly

2. Constantly stay up late, lack of sleep

A study from the CBS News Network found that people who slept 8 hours a night often lived longer than those who stayed up late. Staying up late not only negatively affects your appearance, but it also has a fairly large negative impact on your ability to learn, memory, growth and immune system. People who stay up late and lack of sleep have an increased risk of heart disease, especially for people with a history of cardiovascular disease, the likelihood of having a stroke is very high.

Lack of sleep can also cause irreversible damage to the brain, leading to hormonal disorders. Many hormones in the human body are characterized by rhythmic secretions, often staying up late will disrupt the hormonal balance of the body, causing many unwanted consequences, such as rough skin. Also affect the stature of children, stunted children and reduced vision.

4 Bad habits make your health decline rapidly

3. Sitting a lot, being sedentary

Limiting the time for long sitting is from 1.5 to 4 hours, this figure surprised many people. Today, many people often work through computers, students, students are greatly affected by watching TV and playing the phone in their spare time, so sitting time is very much, very sedentary.

“Sitting a lot” is listed by WHO as one of the top ten causes of death. Sitting for long periods of time first affects weight, causing the spine, knees, waist and shoulders to bend for a long time, and the muscles of the whole body will be stiff and painful, which will affect the The supply of oxygen and blood to the brain, reduces the function of organs in the body, and makes the immune system weaken, very susceptible to disease.

4 Bad habits make your health decline rapidly

4. Frequent anger

Frequent anger will harm your body, optimistic joy helps you live a long life. Most people with a temper, often irritable, will lead to liver function damage. The liver is an important metabolic organ of the human body and has a detoxifying effect, if the liver declines over time, it will not only lead to liver diseases but also a great impact on physical health. The sadness, irritability will make the spirit always in a state of stress, causing mental fatigue, leading to depression, even suicide.

So if you want to maintain a happy state, you must first be contented with yourself, try to find interesting things around you, and maintain a positive optimism. When you have a good mood, you will live a healthy life. In the world, there is no medicine to help extend the life, only to change bad habits in life, health will always be with you.

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