3 Horrible harms of regular eyes rubbing that not everyone knows

Most people have tried rubbing their eyes, even though it is small, but it has a big impact on health.

The eye is a very sensitive part, moreover there are lots of bacteria in the hand, if often used to rub the eyes, the body may get 3 terrible harm. So, everyone should change this habit as soon as possible.

The harm of frequent hand rubbing eyes

1. Damaging the cornea

Many people have a feeling that something strange in their eyes will rub their eyes unconsciously, but this will cause a certain friction between the object and the cornea, making the cornea very vulnerable.

3 Horrible harms of regular eyes rubbing that not everyone knows

This also increases the risk of bacterial infections in the eyes, even if you wash your hands because there is still a certain amount of bacteria on your hands. Rubbing your eyes with your hands is a way of bringing bacteria to your eyes, causing itching, watery eyes, pain and discomfort, while increasing the risk of conjunctivitis, or pinkeye.

2. Affect vision

Normally we rub our eyes in closed eyes, the eyeball will move upwards, and the pressure produced when rubbing will accumulate under the eyeball, corneal curvature will change, increasing the risk. astigmatism, and affects vision. If you are nearsighted and often rub your eyes, the ability of your eyesight will get worse.

3 Horrible harms of regular eyes rubbing that not everyone knows

Therefore, near-sighted people need to pay more attention, because their eyeballs are thinner than normal people, if they often rub their eyes, their eyeballs are under excessive pressure, and the retina may fall out. Although this is rare, it is not impossible.

3. Accelerate the aging of the skin around the eyes

Rubbing your eyes will destroy the firmness of the skin around your eyes, causing eyelids to become drooping or drooping, even affecting your entire face. In addition, rubbing the eyes is one of the causes of dark circles around the eyes. Rubbing your eyes will break tiny blood vessels around the eyes, emerging on the surface of the skin, mostly due to involuntary rubbing the eyes while sleeping.

3 Horrible harms of regular eyes rubbing that not everyone knows

How to protect the eyes healthy

Long-term use of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, overworked eyes are prone to fatigue and dryness, regardless of adults and children, you should learn how to use your eyes properly, in a timely manner. Work and leisure spaces must be scientific.

Therefore, let the eyes rest properly, relax the eyes after a period of work and study. Take a moment for 5-10 minutes to relax your eyes by:

– Close your eyes and then turn them clockwise and vice versa to relax the tightening eye muscles.

Rubbing your hands creates heat and apply to the eyes for a few minutes.

– Close your eyes then open your eyes after 20 seconds, perform this movement continuously for 1-2 minutes.

3 Horrible harms of regular eyes rubbing that not everyone knows

Regularly playing outdoor sports, the eyes will receive good natural light, help protect eyesight, reduce eye strain and increase physical strength.

Regular vision testing has a great effect on protecting your eyes. If your vision is impaired, detected and treated in time, avoid bringing about higher potential dangers.

Turning off lights, watching TV and watching mobile phones are also a habit of many people. However, they do not know that in the absence of enough light, the eyes will be more excited. When you feel dark in the eyes, blurred vision, you need to stop playing all electronic devices, or when playing need to turn on the lights and control the amount of time used.

When you use your eyes, try to be in a well-lit environment. When using a mobile phone and a computer, keep a distance between the screen and the eye about 50-60cm. For contact lens wearers, it is best not to wear them for more than 8 hours a day, regardless of day or night, remember to remove contact lenses before going to bed.

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